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Thought provoking conversations that help listeners dive deeper into educational practices.

Feb 18, 2021

Noan Fesnoux highlights the importance of experiences within our educational journey. He shares how they have impacted his learning, and also how he views learning for students.  Noan shares numerous examples of effective experiential learning activities, details his time working at Green School Bali, and provides some insight into starting The Real School of Budapest.

Noan shares all of this with clarity and a deep conviction.  Give a listen / Subscribe / Post a review!

Noan Fesnoux has been working as an educator since 2003, including his work with multiple startups. In Vancouver, he helped establish Little Mountain Learning Academy. Over eight years at Green School Bali, Indonesia, Noan developed several programs core to the school, including Green Studies and an impactful experiential learning program . He moved to Budapest, Hungary in July 2019 to start up the REAL School of Budapest.

Music: Believin Stephen

Shout outs:  Dave Strudwick, Glenn Chickering, Aaron Eden


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