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Apr 23, 2021

Perseverance helps us grow in unexpected ways.

Mark Henderson, Olympic Gold Medalist, shares the story of his 1992 Olympic trial experience and how that propelled him forward towards gold in 1996.

Mark reflects on lessons learned from athletics, and how they can be brought into the classroom for all students.

Mark also shares about his newest venture, The Athletes Village.  A great app that assists athletes, builds community, and provides a context for professional athletes to give back.  Updated app launching in the next couple of months.

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Mark Henderson is a former competitive swimmer.  He is an Olympic gold medalist, three-time World champion, and former world record-holder.  After his competitive swimming career, Mark went worked on Wall Street, and then started a non-profit, The Athletes Village. 

Music: Believin Stephen

Shout outs: US Men's Swimming Team

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