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Thought provoking conversations that help listeners dive deeper into educational practices.

Aug 6, 2021

Blended learning has forced teachers across the globe to modify their teaching practice and experiment with new tools and ideas. 

Dom Traynor and Matthew Downing discuss this as well as the ability of blended learning to encourage teachers to be learners at the same time as the students.  Teachers don't have to be the expert on every technology tool or idea.  Teachers can rely on students who possess an understanding or tutorials that have already been created.  

Tune into the blended learning mini series to help reflect on the past year and consider a path forward (episodes 40-48).

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Episode 8 Link (previous episode)

Dom Traynor is the education evangelist at Adobe, author of recently published book Literacy Beyond the Classroom, and founder of LitFilmFest.

Music: Believin Stephen

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