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Sep 3, 2021

What can we learn from Mr. Rogers in respect to blended learning?

Mr. Rogers transformed the television experience for kids decades ago, and there is much we can continue to learn from him today.

He encouraged listeners to slow down, established routines, created deep connections, and experimented with new ideas.

These are all lessons we can bring into the traditional or blended classroom. 

Listen in to this fast paced thought piece and check out the blended learning mini series.  Ep's 40-49.

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Dr. Matthew Downing has over 15 years experience helping K-12 school systems integrate technology.  He is most curious about the way technology transforms the learning process, and engages students in authentic learning experiences.  He is also interested in developing professional development that leads to lasting results.  Matthew hosts and produces DivingDeepEDU podcast as well as a co-host with RethinkingEDU podcast.  Check out mdowningedu.  

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